Our Residencies programme provides time and space for creators at all stages of their careers. A supportive environment to create, be curious, and try out new ideas. We welcome all sorts of genres and art-forms. This year you can experience Residencies that explore electronic, jazz, opera, grime, karnatik, classical, psychedelia, early music, ambient, choral, pop, contemporary, folk, dance and site-specific music theatre.

In April 2023, we selected the next round of Snape Residency and Creative Health Residency artists through a shortlisting panel with Nabihah Iqbal (DJ. Broadcaster, Producer), Euella Jackson (Rising Arts Agency), and Caleb Madden (Outlands Network). We're very happy to announce those artists are...

Aditya Prakash
Bill Ryder-Jones
Holy Other
Holysseus Fly
Liza Bec and Elischa Kaminer (Creative Health Residency)
Magnus Westwell
The Marian Consort
Tom Rogerson, Clare O'Connell and Liam Byrne

They join the following to complete our group of Residency artists for 2023-2024:

Afrikan Boy
Anna-Helena McLean

Charlotte Marlow
, Ella Jarman-Pinto, Jennifer Farmer, Laura Attridge and Yshani Perinpanayagam
Glory Box
(Creative Health Residency)
Hooligan Art Community

Laura Cannell
and Luke Abbott
Madison Willing
and Athena Varosio
Nwando Ebizie

(Creative Health Residency)
Stick in the Wheel


Xhosa Cole
and Nathan England Jones

Most Residencies culminate in an Open Session, which is a unique chance for you to go behind-the-scenes and experience work-in-progress. Find out more and book an Open Session.