Enter Wonderland with this imaginative King’s Singers programme, taking you on a wild, colourful journey.

György Ligeti’s six Nonsense Madrigals, each setting playful children’s poetry or extracts from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, provide a musical spine to the first half, commemorating 100 years since the composer’s birth in 1923.

Each madrigal is paired with a contrasting work that delves deeper into the different worlds Ligeti has chosen. They include a Renaissance exploration of birdsong, Richard Strauss' 'Dreamlight', Schubert's song of escape, and the fairytale exploits of The Musicians of Bremen.

Finally, we’ll celebrate some of the favourite wonderlands painted in the films of Walt Disney over the last 100 years, alongside a selection of songs from their much-loved close-harmony repertoire.

Milligan & Clare (arr. Gordon Langford):
Alice in Wonderland (3’)
Nonsense Madrigals (14’)
Richard Strauss:
Traumlicht (6’)
Le chant des oiseaux (6’)
Lamentations of Jeremiah (7')
Flucht (4’)
Ronde (from Trois Chansons) (3’)
Poor Roger (4’)
Malcolm Williamson:
The Musicians of Bremen (9’)
A selection of Songs in Close Harmony (15')