In this UK premiere, music of the 16th and 17th centuries, dance, and visual art come together. Laurence Dreyfus and his ensemble Phantasm, choreographer Sommer Ulrickson, and visual artist Alexander Polzin explore the healing potential of art.

The performance explores the tension between three aesthetic forms. Polyphonic early music seems to be dedicated to waves of endless beauty, but through the cracks the dancers convey the complex emotional reality beneath the soothing surface.

The performance space is disrupted by sculpture created by visual artist Alexander Polzin. These moveable objects serve to both challenge and integrate the artforms and performers and throughout the performance the audience is taken on a musical and choreographic journey inviting them to share in an ever closer encounter with the humanity lurking behind music’s gestures and dancers’ bodies.

Includes music by William Byrd, John Dowland, William Lawes and Henry Purcell.

Phantasm and five dancers
Laurence Dreyfus
director, Phantasm
Sommer Ulrickson
Alexander Polzin
visual concept

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Photographs Pierre Boulez Saal, Marcus Lieberenz