September 10, 9.15am
Outside River View Café, Snape Maltings
75 Minutes
£12 / £6 for Festival of New ticket holders

Join us for a special Festival of New yoga session overlooking the reeds at Snape Maltings.

Rich Woodall has been teaching yoga all over the world since 2014. His practice focuses on bringing awareness to the relationship or union (yoga) between our sense of self, and nature (and our true nature).

Holding space to move, breathe, and to tune out in order to tune in, the session will start earthy and slow as you warm up and connect to your practice. You’ll then get into the fire of your session as you set a flow before dancing that sequence with the movement of the river, before slowing down and coming back to the breath and grounding yourself with some longer holds to finish.

The whole time, with an intention of awareness, nature, play, and connection.

Rich will always focus on creating space in the mind as much as the body in his sessions, even if that means, for you, spending lots of the time in child’s pose or even Savasana.

The session is a great excuse to not think for a while, to switch off, tune in, open the heart, and to put yourself first for while. And it’s a beautiful way to start the day.

Please contact Rich for direct payment (cash on the day is also fine):
Mobile: 07928 230 591