Friday 03 June - Sunday 03 July
Maltings Gallery, Snape
Open Thursday to Monday

Private View: Saturday 04 June - 4pm - 6pm

In 2019 The Maltings Gallery showcased the inaugural Contemporary Landing Exhibition. After a 2 year hiatus we are thrilled to announce that it will be returning as the 'Contemporary Landing +' Exhibition, bigger and with more emerging , vibrant and exciting talent from East Anglian Creatives.



Norfolk based artist Nessie Stonebridge creates sculptures that come from the earth, they are drawn up from the soil and from the energy that is produced from the ground. She feels a massive urge to produce work that she can feel and hold and form; it becomes part of Nessie and her deep emotional bond with Mother Nature.


Inspired by natural landscapes, foliage and colours. Emma’s work pulls inspiration from the natural world and is then re-imagined into contemporary landscapes of her own. Drawing from her emotions and instinct, Emma’s work brings a sense of serenity and depth, balancing the chaos against moments of calm.


Frankie is a young talented ceramic artist based near the creeks and estuaries of East Anglia. Her work is all handmade and is spontaneously inspired by the colours and textures of her natural world and is made to be used every day.


Justine’s style and influences vary through time, which is reflected in the experimental nature of her work. Her abstracts are energetic, restless and often reflect her curiosity. Her free use of oils, acrylics and other mixed media on board contributes to a unique and compelling style.


Darren’s work is influenced by experiences and through memories, he expresses human experience via his perceptions - absorbed, filtered and rearranged. This process can take days or years, but with time each painting gains meaning and shape, with every mark representing a metaphor for a lived experience. His paintings are unashamedly colourful and textural with the intention of drawing the viewer closer.


Boo creates distinctive works in acrylics and mixed media that embrace strong visual dynamics, colour and often texture. Boo is delighted to have been invited to show part of her series ‘Undone’ at Snape. This series is a suggestion of emotions and landscapes, fragility and strength, and beauty in the unknown.


Jess uses the process of painting to explore how we consume and discard images with little pause for thought. Her research has influenced the way she brings traditional, painterly ideas into a dialogue with experiences of reading space and material in a world saturated with digital images. She expresses this in her work with contemporary images of women, interiors and objects.