Spotlight Textiles… on East Anglia

Thursday 28 April – Wednesday 4 May

Open daily | 10am – 4pm
Pond Gallery, Snape Maltings

Sketchbook page, and stitched work of East Anglian sky, with goldwork.

The first title for Spotlight Textiles was easily chosen: as East Anglia has been called ‘home’ for many happy years influencing the work by each of the eight members within the group. The current themes include natural forms, such as trees, landscapes, and seascapes. There is work referencing archaeological finds, textile history, architectural surfaces and crafts, and summarising, the symbols of the Trinity of farmstock, all historically found within the region.

Surfaces are created using pigments and dyes, machine and hand slow stitching enhancing the textural quality, whilst materials and fabrics chosen in the works are carefully considered in order to ‘further the story’.

These surfaces culminate in a diverse response of 3 dimensional forms, such as functional and decorative vessels, sculptural forms, together with wall mounted/ hung works. Sketchbooks and drawings which act as a source reference are included in the exhibition.

More information about Spotlight Textiles group and their work can be found on: