Sue Bowerman & Clare Rizzo

Thursday 5 to Wednesday 11 May

Monday to Saturday | 10am to 5.30pm
Sunday | 10am - 4.30pm
The Quay Gallery, Snape Maltings

Sue throws at the potter’s wheel in her studio with a distant view of the Suffolk Coast . Her stoneware and porcelain domestic ceramics are both useful and decorative; influenced by the countryside, the movement of the sea, and the seasons passing.
Clare paints mainly Suffolk scenes in watercolour and oils.

Working with the view of the sea can be an inspiration and a distraction, but the feel of the clay as it revolves on the wheel is grounding. Shapes and textures reflect the soil in surrounding fields, the waves lapping on the local shingle beach, the colours of the shoreline, or the Stena Line ferry and tankers on the horizon. Even the local Suffolk Punch horses play a part- the raku-fired pottery with burnt horse hair marking uses their tail or mane hair (with the owner’s and animals permission of course!)

Clare works quite freely with watercolour, something that has developed over time. She may layout the structure of a painting with pencil at the beginning or maybe add some ink at the end. Blues and greens have a unique vibrancy here with purples and pinks used in moderation-but quite often they can bring the painting alive. As can a liberal ‘splashing’ technique.

Sue Bowerman on Instagram: potsbythesea