Imaginings | Cyndi Speer & Carol Pask

Thursday 16 to Wednesday 22 June

Open Daily | 10am to 5.00pm
The Quay Gallery, Snape Maltings

Cyndi Speer’s dream-like paintings are oils and mixed media, and are a natural response to the atmospheric Suffolk landscape and beyond. Carol Pask’s sculptural pieces are often fused with metal, wood or slate and are a response to the fragility and beauty of our natural world.

Cyndi is a fine artist based in Suffolk, and has been a full time professional artist for a number of years. She is greatly inspired by the beauty of the Suffolk countryside, and the nature that is held within it. However her work is constantly evolving; subject matters change, although her use of colour and abstraction of perspective remains bold and intriguing. Her work also contains a strong graphic element, with composition being at the heart of every piece of work. She uses wide brushstrokes that are overlain with finer, delicate details, together with the inclusion of patterns that are found within the natural landscape. The overall effect has often been described as being ‘dreamlike’ and ‘surreal’. Despite her works being predominately oils onto canvas she is currently experimenting with mixed media to add a different dimension to her work. A selection of her work is available to view on her web site and Cyndi regularly works to commission.

Carol is a ceramic artist working in stoneware and porcelain, combining traditional methods to create sculptural pieces, which are often fused with metal, wood or slate. Her work is of a semi abstract nature, and evolves as a response to both the beauty and fragility of her rural surroundings. Shapes and images are distilled into non-representational interpretations with just the essence remaining in the finished sculptural work. Most pieces are smoke fired which she feels enhances the organic and natural quality of the clay. She seeks a balance between the controlled structure of the work and the chaos of the firing, bringing unpredictability and individuality to each piece.