Applications for 2022 are now closed.

Our enquiries are cross-sector residencies grounded in research, combining theory and practice. They allow artists, researchers and other practitioners to work collaboratively to delve more deeply into questions about music’s place, purpose and function in the world.

In the coming year, we are particularly interested in work and ideas that consider one of, or both themes below:

Rural Isolation

Under 5s and their Families

We would like applicants to submit ideas that respond to one or both themes, and to consider the way in which you plan to work with collaborators and participants. We believe in an ethos of co-production, enabling collaboration with experts and those with lived experience from the very early stages of a project. We would like to see experimentation around different ways of co-creating work with participants.

What can you expect from an Enquiry?

Support of an Enquiry Residency can be flexible depending on the needs of a project and its trajectory. It could be a handful of days over a few months, or it could be a week of intense working.

We provide an equipped space to work, accommodation and lunch on site, and we cover travel expenses. We may also be able to provide additional project-based support depending on your needs, e.g. mentorship, further collaborative partners or a stipend/some reimbursement for your time.

What do we expect from you?

We expect you to be open, curious, and willing to engage with our organisation beyond your own work, for example this may include taking some time away from your project to meet with other artists and practitioners who are also working on site.

We have learnt that opening up processes and work in progress to a small audience when this is possible and relevant can improve the residency outcome and gives our audience a deeper insight into the creation of new work, and so you may be asked to allow public access to the work that’s being undertaken. We will discuss with you how this can be done in a way most relevant to your work.

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