Approaching the conducting of new operas in a spirit of collaboration and experimentation. A course run in conjunction with the Royal Opera House.

The Conductor as Dramaturg is for women and marginalised genders whose deep curiosity around form and tradition allows them to explore fresh approaches to interpretation and opera-making.

The course will be led by Kanako Abe and Sian Edwards, with Cee Haines and other guest specialists from the Royal Opera House and wider industry who’ll provide 360 degree support and inspiration.

Opera and contemporary music are my reasons for living, and I'm so thrilled to be able to come together with like-minded peers and to be able to immerse ourselves in these fantastic new operas with guidance from mentors like Kanako Abe and Sian Edwards.

BPYA 23-24

The Artists

Aleksandra Melaniuk (Poland)

Anna Castro Grinstein (Germany)

Constança Simas (Portugal)

Julia Cruz (Spain)

Lilianna Krych (Poland)

Luka Venter (Aotearoa [New Zealand])

Maria Benyumova (Germany)

Mariana Rosas (UK)

Martyna Szymczak (Poland)

Peggy Wu (UK)

Polina Lebedieva (Ukraine)

Sinead Hayes (Ireland)

This course is a workshop supported by the ENOA network.