Aldeburgh Young Musicians have access to a range of courses, weekends, and additional activities.

We plan our activities based on the musical needs and interests of the young people. All activities aim to introduce AYMs to a diverse range of ways of working and we expect the young musicians to be aware of the benefits of trying something new and to approach each new activity with an open mind.

Weekends focus on the development of skills, practical knowledge, and experience – all through a range of immersive and inspirational activities including First-study group sessions, Small Ensemble sessions exploring varying styles, Health and Wellbeing activities, Inspirational Moments, and VocalLab, where we use our voices to develop our skillset as musicians.

Projects are 5-day long immersive residencies, each focusing on a different artist subject. Each one is a unique experience with inspirational artists, concluding with an Open Session performance.

In addition to the basic programme, advice is always available from AYM staff, in addition to Mentoring support from Ambassadors.

Once part of Aldeburgh Young Musicians, you can be part of the programme until the end of the academic year in which you turn 18, without the need to re-audition.

We don’t offer conventional one-to-one lessons at AYM. The AYM programme is designed to supplement your instrumental, vocal or compositional lessons by offering you the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded young musicians and expert professionals. We do offer tutorials and activities focusing on your first-study, but these are not lessons.

As an AYM, you will work with many different musicians. Some will have the same instrument as you, some won’t. We believe that everyone can learn from working with others and will offer you the chance to work with instruments in a traditional setting but may also introduce you to working in less-familiar environments.

Which instruments and musical studies does AYM cater for?

We are not trying to create an ensemble and don’t have quotas to fill, and so welcome applications from any specialism.

Whether you’re a string player in an orchestra or a quartet, a vibraphone player from a jazz quintet, a classical vocalist, a contemporary singer-songwriter who sings at home or an electric guitarist who’s just played their first heavy metal gig, AYM welcomes you to apply.

Composers are also very welcome and have the opportunity to experience working with many different instruments in workshop settings.

Term dates

We ask that all AYM’s are available for all confirmed dates as below, and will be invited to attend a selection at the start of the academic year:


22-24 August 2022, Induction activity

24-28 October 2022

13-17 February 2023

10-14 April 2023

29 May-2nd June 2023

24-28 July 2023

31 July-4 August 2023


17-18 September 2022

5-6 November 2022, Open House

10-11 December 2022

14-15 January 2023

4-5 February 2023, Open House

25-26 March 2023

13-14 May 2023

1-2 July 2023, Open House

8-9 July 2023

It is not possible to attend a single activity – you must be an AYM to access our offer.


The cost of attending our programme for an academic year is £3,250, including VAT.

This fee is all-inclusive and covers the cost of all musical activities, as well as accommodation, meals and transport (between accommodation and Snape Maltings) whilst attending our residential activities. There are no hidden costs or extra charges.

We offer a range of grants and bursaries which can help to cover the cost of your fees, and in some cases, leave you with a surplus to spend on additional items. We are committed to ensuring that no one is prevented from accessing AYM due to financial concerns and encourage you to get in touch if you have any queries.