While we would be delighted to receive any donations directly, we are not authorised to give you the necessary receipt to claim your tax deduction, therefore American citizens can make a donation to Britten Pears Arts through CAF America. This is an independent US 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to increase the flow of charitable funds outside the US. CAF charges a modest administration fee of 8% for this service.

To donate in the way, please click here, then click on the donate now button to make your gift.

Alternatively, to make a donation directly through our website instead, please click here. (Please note that if you pay tax outside of the UK, then this will not be counted as a 'tax efficient' donation.)

Please do let us know if there is a particular concert you would like us to acknowledge your support against, at joinus@brittenpearsarts.org.

Other ways you can support our work