List of News Articles

  1. Nick Ryan

    Participants | Nick Ryan, Heloise Werner, Marie Rricaud, Tom Taylor, Simon Terrill
  2. Maz O'Connor: The Wife of Michael Cleary

    Participants | Maz O'Connor, Tinuke Craig, Martin Bassindale, Alan Flanagan, Rebecca Gilhooley, Dale Mathurin, Rosie Hilal, Bebe Sanders,…
  3. Max Baillie & Vahakn Matossian: Sonnen

    Light painting which guides a digital audience around the Festival of New spaces Director: Spencer Young
  4. Ayanna Witter-Johnson: Roadrunner

    Participants | Ayanna Witter-Johnson
  5. Bastard Assignments

    Participants | Bastard Assignments, Caitlin Rowley, Edward Henderson, Josh Spear, Timothy Cape
  6. Naala

    Participants | Alex Brown, Bettie Riby-Williams, Chris Yeomans, Hannah Hutchings-Georgiou, Happiness Adama, NAALA, Oscar Reynolds, Todd…
  7. Alex Groves & Rebecca Hanbury: A Time of Listening

    Participants | Alex Groves, Rebecca Hanbury
  8. Propellor

    Participants | Jack McNeill
  9. Seven Ways The Blues Can Improve Your Life

    Participanst | Alan Gibson, Alex Webb, China Moses, Emrys Baird, The Soul Immigrants
  10. Horse Whisperer

    Participants | Jimi Maffei, Max Syed-Tollan, Rachel Currie, Robbie Lucas, Virginia Izquierdo
  11. Perhaps Contraption

    Participants | Perhaps Contraption: Catherine Ring, Charly Jolly, Christo Squier, Iain Mcdonald, Jin Theriault, Letty Stott, Mickey Bones, Riccardo…
  12. Sam Lee: Old Wow

    Participants | Sam Lee