List of News Articles

  1. Larkhall

    Participants | Larkhall Postclassical piano meets creative code in the spellbinding world of composer Larkhall.
  2. Ruby Colley

    Participant | Ruby Colley Ruby Colley is a violinist and composer. She creates instrumental soundscapes that are far…
  3. Imogen Holst: Composer, conductor, educator, dancer

    Composer, conductor, educator and dancer: Imogen Holst lived a completely musical life. She is mainly associated with the achievements of male…
  4. Hannah Honeywill: "My beloved is mine, and I am his"

    My research looks at the domestic life of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears and the home they built together. I aim to gain a sense of them as a couple…
  5. Sound Voice Project

    Participants | Hannah Conway, Hazel Gould, Marcus Farnworth, Gweneth-Ann Rand, Alice Zawadzki, Sara Wolstenholme, Nick Trygstad, Libby Burgess, Hugh…
  6. Christo Squier: Subatomic

    Participants | Christo Squier, Charly Jolly, Fiona Fey, Jin Theriault, Laura Hussey, Laurie Taylor, Lily Rayner, Riccardo Castellani , Dr. Teppei…

    Participants | Supriya Nagarajan, Sarah Waycott, Yanna Zissiadou, Jo Clement, Duncan Chapman
  8. Call Me Unique

    Participants | Call Me Unique, Jamahl Augustine, Alex Thompson, Tom Davies
  9. KOGG

    Participants | Selena Kay, Cerys Hogg
  10. THABO

    Participants | THABO, Aron Kyne, Matthew Waters
  11. Archive Treasures: The North Sea flood of 1953 and Britten’s coronation opera

    On the night of Saturday 31st January 1953 severe winds and a high tide resulted in a storm surge and catastrophic flooding along the North Sea in the…
  12. Response to Alex Woolf's conviction

    We are shocked and appalled by Alex Woolf’s unacceptable behaviour, and our sympathies are with the victims of his crimes and all those who have been…