List of News Articles

  1. Response to Alex Woolf's conviction

    We are shocked and appalled by Alex Woolf’s unacceptable behaviour, and our sympathies are with the victims of his crimes and all those who have been…
  2. Life as a Britten Pears Young Artist

    The Britten Pears Young Artist Programme will be 50 in 2022. This year the programme is changing to focus on year-round development for a group…
  3. Archive Treasures: Travel and travails - musicians on the road in 1950

    One of the joys of the Britten Pears archive is the light it sheds on everyday practicalities, the nuts and bolts of Britten and Pears’ life and…
  4. Kafka Fragments: Junk Lectures

    Participants | Mayah Kadish, Rebecca Hardwick
  5. BEAM: Everybody Can Stand In Their Own Light

    Participants | Nadine Benjamin
  6. Archive Treasures: The Beginnings of Britten’s Young Person’s Guide and Peter, Slava and the Wolf

    The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra is one of Britten’s most popular works. Few people know that it started its life as notes written in the…
  7. Emily Levy: Songs of Belonging

    Participants | Emily Levy, Magali Charrier, Mella Faye, Victoria Couper, Nick Rasle, Aby Vulliamy, Preetha Narayanan, Tara Franks
  8. Ulita: Sister

    Participants | Nishla Smith, Tom Harris, Luca Shaw, Elin Schofield, Eva Scott, Matthew Durkin
  9. Charlie Grey & Joseph Peach

    Participants | Charlie Grey, Joseph Peach, Owen Sinclair
  10. Dom Bouffard: Vengeful Ghost

    Participants | Dom Bouffard, Alli Macinnes, Lewis Amar, Lia Mice
  11. Thick & Tight: Unclouded Moon

    Participants | Thick & Tight: Daniel Hay-Gordon, Eleanor Perry
  12. Letty Stott: Ancient Horns

    Participants | Letty Stott, Ed Ashby, Alice Zawadzki, Luke Christie