Explore a series of short films offering insights into a range of Britten’s compositions.

List of News Articles

  1. Work of the Week 52. A Ceremony of Carols

    Presented by Ben Vonberg-Clark
  2. Work of the Week 51. Winter Words

    Presented by Marta Fontanals-Simmons and Lana Bode
  3. Work of the Week 50. The Prince of the Pagodas

    Presented by Olivia Bloore
  4. Work of the Week 49. Nocturnal after John Dowland

    Presented by Sean Shibe
  5. Work of the Week 48. Sonata in C

    Presented by Guy Johnston
  6. Work of the Week 47. Friday Afternoons

    This set of songs is one of Britten’s earliest examples of music that would be ‘useful’ to a particular community. It was composed for the children at…
  7. Work of the Week 46. Piano Concerto

    Presented by Steven Osborne
  8. Work of the Week 45. Canticle II

    Presented by Diana Moore
  9. Work of the Week Special: War Requiem

    In the 100th anniversary year of the Armistice (11 November 1918) Britten’s War Requiem, has a particular significance. It is not only a…
  10. Work of the Week 44. The Turn of the Screw

    Presented by Nazan Fikret
  11. Work of the Week 43. Voices for Today

    Presented by conductor Ben Parry
  12. Work of the Week 42. String Quartet No.3

    Presented by Colin Matthews