List of News Articles

  1. Join the Din | Change!

    Participants | Chiara Corradi, Rich Muscat, Ronan Perrett, Tamar Osborn, Sara De Santis, Riccardo Castellani, Emanuela Monni, Charlie Cawood, Jin…
  2. A person holding a saxophone in one hand and typing with the other

    Faye MacCalman: Invisible, Real

    Participants | Faye MacCalman
  3. Larkhall

    Participants | Larkhall Postclassical piano meets creative code in the spellbinding world of composer Larkhall.
  4. Ruby Colley

    Participant | Ruby Colley Ruby Colley is a violinist and composer. She creates instrumental soundscapes that are far…
  5. Hannah Honeywill: "My beloved is mine, and I am his"

    My research looks at the domestic life of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears and the home they built together. I aim to gain a sense of them as a couple…
  6. Sound Voice Project

    An immersive experience exploring stories of people who have experienced significant voice change or loss, through music, words, video, and…
  7. Christo Squier: Subatomic

    Participants | Christo Squier, Charly Jolly, Fiona Fey, Jin Theriault, Laura Hussey, Laurie Taylor, Lily Rayner, Riccardo Castellani , Dr. Teppei…

    Participants | Supriya Nagarajan, Sarah Waycott, Yanna Zissiadou, Jo Clement, Duncan Chapman
  9. Call Me Unique

    Participants | Call Me Unique, Jamahl Augustine, Alex Thompson, Tom Davies
  10. KOGG

    Participants | Selena Kay, Cerys Hogg
  11. THABO

    Participants | THABO, Aron Kyne, Matthew Waters
  12. Kafka Fragments: Junk Lectures

    Participants | Mayah Kadish, Rebecca Hardwick