List of News Articles

  1. Sound Voice Project

    An immersive experience exploring stories of people who have experienced significant voice change or loss, through music, words, video, and…
  2. Christo Squier: Subatomic

    Participants | Christo Squier, Charly Jolly, Fiona Fey, Jin Theriault, Laura Hussey, Laurie Taylor, Lily Rayner, Riccardo Castellani , Dr. Teppei…

    Participants | Supriya Nagarajan, Sarah Waycott, Yanna Zissiadou, Jo Clement, Duncan Chapman
  4. Call Me Unique

    Participants | Call Me Unique, Jamahl Augustine, Alex Thompson, Tom Davies
  5. KOGG

    Participants | Selena Kay, Cerys Hogg
  6. THABO

    Participants | THABO, Aron Kyne, Matthew Waters
  7. Robin Haigh portrait in red hat

    Robin Haigh: Life as a Britten Pears Young Artist

    The Britten Pears Young Artist Programme will be 50 in 2022. This year the programme is changing to focus on year-round development for a group…
  8. Kafka Fragments: Junk Lectures

    Participants | Mayah Kadish, Rebecca Hardwick
  9. BEAM: Everybody Can Stand In Their Own Light

    Participants | Nadine Benjamin
  10. Ulita: Sister

    Participants | Nishla Smith, Tom Harris, Luca Shaw, Elin Schofield, Eva Scott, Matthew Durkin
  11. Charlie Grey & Joseph Peach

    Participants | Charlie Grey, Joseph Peach, Owen Sinclair
  12. Dom Bouffard: Vengeful Ghost

    Participants | Dom Bouffard, Alli Macinnes, Lewis Amar, Lia Mice