My main involvement with BPA is through the Friday Afternoons initiative. I have been working with Friday Afternoons since 2017, and really enjoy being able to help spread the word about this fantastic resource. I work with schools, teachers, music hubs and choral practitioners, developing projects, providing CDP and training, and also work alongside composers and lyricists when we commission new material.

A big part of my own practice, alongside choral conducting and workshop facilitation, is composition and songwriting and I really enjoy and am proud of the focus Friday Afternoons has on new music - enabling and inspiring young people to have a go at creating their own material, as well as offering access to new music by contemporary ‘real life’ composers!

With this songwriting hat on, I also work on the Celebration project, and have been commission to write several Finale pieces. These commissions present an excellent opportunity for me to collaborate and co-create with young musicians, to ensure that their words and ideas are what gets represented on the concert stage at Snape Maltings.