Charly Jolly is a clarinettist, saxophonist, singer and community music leader working with Britten Pears Arts, Sinfonia Viva and Cohere Arts after completing the Spitalfields Trainee Music Leader Scheme in 2022. She lives in Suffolk and is passionate about creatively collaborating to make music with groups of people from birth to the end of life and everything in between.

She is also in a progressive rock brass band called Perhaps Contraption who have performed in the UK, Europe and the US exploring new ways to merge rock-infused experimental pop and minimalism with acapella singing and jumping around onstage and in the street.

When she’s not working Charly enjoys drawing (doodling) and improvising on her instruments (noodling). She also loves wildlife, nature, gardening and exploring the countryside in her campervan with her family.