Oysters, Mussels and English Wine in The Tipi

Saturday 9 September | Tables available at 6pm & 8pm

Join us under the setting sun for an evening of live music and great food. Our Tipi on the bank of the reedbed makes the perfect backdrop for an evening with friends or families.

On arrival you'll receive a glass of Coastal Reach Bacchus or Pinot Noir Rose, two of our favourite English Wines. The grapes for both wines are grown within reach of the southern coastline of England.

Bacchus, which is often compared with a Sauvignon Blanc with zesty elderflower and ripe tropical fruits, or the Pinot Noir Rose which is delicate in colour and just off dry make the perfect accompaniment to seafood and are two of our bestselling wines.

Once at your table, freshly shucked oysters with traditional accompaniments are served. Delivered directly from Maldon, these oysters provide the freshest and most delicious example of British seafood.

Mussels followed, served with house seasoned fries. There is no escape from mess with these, but the flavour makes it worthwhile.

To ensure not a drop of the garlic cream sauce is lost, we'll have freshly baked bread available to order all evening, as well as some of our favourite puddings to finish off the evening.

One of our favourite local musicians will provide brilliant background music, which we hope will make for an unforgettable evening.

£40 ticket includes 3 oysters per person, plus mussels and fries to share.

Sides, additional drinks and desserts will be available, but are not included in the ticket price.

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