Nathan England Jones and Xhosa Cole are both improvisers at heart, with a rich wealth of ideas, techniques and musical experiences to draw upon. They bought their full range of musical language to the Snape Residency week, leading a collaborative exploration of what sonorities are possible for this duo. They began the week creating music together without any preconceptions - moving in any creative direction that felt right in the moment. From this generative source they set structures that will form part of a live set for touring around music festivals and arts events in 2023 and beyond.

Watch the Residency Film by Liv Penny:

Nathan and I also have a panoply of African diasporic footage from a range of sources. During the week, we will share these materials and upload them digitally onto samplers in order to embed this rich source material into our live work and structure powerful, relevant and historic narratives into our creative output.

Xhosa Cole