Participants | Fran Lobo, Gawain Hewitt

In 2016, Fran Lobo lost the ability to use her voice for a total of three months. This was a very distressing experience; as a vocalist her voice was her entire identity and something she used every day whether to speak or sing, make music, collaborate or lead vocal workshops.

Voicescolourmotion is an interactive sound and light installation celebrating both the power and vulnerability of the human voice. It is an organism that invites the audience to use their bodies to play the space as an instrument. They will experience a choral composition, all recorded and performed using Fran’s voice, as a multi speaker/surround sound experience which invites them to interact with each speaker/light station’s motion sensors.

It is a twenty minute experience in four movements, each movement linked to a different coloured light property and a different stage in the journey of the voice through trauma. The installation hopes to take the audience on a journey through trauma, healing, reconstruction and flight.