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Festival of New - Residency Film

Festival of New - Full Performance

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Innovative performance from singer/songwriter/producer THABO telling stories through song within a immersive environment which offers sights and scents as well as sounds.

THABO's soulful approach to subjects like climate change and other social ills give his music a unique charm and purpose which has earned him opening act duties for musicians like Seal, Anthony Hamilton and Alice Russell. His current practice involves exploring and creating multi-sensory musical experiences by combining visuals, music and fragrance, a concept THABO first explored through Opera North's Resonance Project in 2019.

The performance will take as its starting point Cool Burn, a short film exploring Bantu themes and philosophies in order to outline a fresh approach to modern challenges like relationships and - in particular - breakups. Directed by Julian Knxx, the film is composed of beautiful motifs and the graceful movements by four talented dancers. Coupled with original music from THABO and a series of monologues the film comes together as a poetic expression from which the viewer can ask themselves interesting and unusual questions.

Pianist Aron Kyne and guitarist Matthew Waters will then join THABO in an immersive unpacking of the music featured in Cool Burn.

THABO, who's name means 'Joy', has started his week at Snape Maltings by building his 'African Hut' for his performance in Festival of New on Friday.

To dream in real time is lovely

THABO, 2021

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