Participants | Hannah Conway, Hazel Gould, Marcus Farnworth, Gweneth-Ann Rand, Alice Zawadzki, Sara Wolstenholme, Nick Trygstad, Libby Burgess, Hugh Cutting, Tanja Bage, Sara Bowden-Evans, David Sheppard

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Festival of New - Full Performance

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Visionary collaborative project from composer Hannah Conway, bringing together those with lived experience of voice loss with musicians including Alice Zawadzki, Marcus Farnsworth and Rakhi Singh, as well as guests from the academic, healthcare, biomedical, technology sectors.

The personal tragedy of losing my father who lost his ability to speak as a result of brain cancer, made me reflect on the importance of voice. I was struck that despite 20 years of experience of composing for the voice and working with internationally renowned opera houses, I’d taken for granted the intrinsic value of the human voice, so I set out to make a series of operatic work on voice and identity.

Hannah Conway, Composer and Artistic Director, Sound Voice

Sound Voice is a visionary exploration of the human voice and possibilities of collaboration. It brings together those who have experienced voice loss alongside artists, biomedical researchers, healthcare professionals, academics and technology entrepreneurs. In the past year, Hannah Conway and Hazel Gould have made short operatic moments out of the life stories and insights of this diverse group. Interdisciplinary workshops have revealed deep connections for all those taking part, expanding our collective knowledge and understanding of the voice.

This Festival of New concert assembles all of the work to date for an event that explores the identities of those who have experienced voice loss. Researchers and other guest collaborators join the performers in a shared space to celebrate the beauty and value of the human voice.

All of the works are deeply personal. Boundaries have been pushed, rules broken and new ideas set in motion.

Words | Hazel Gould
Music | Hannah Conway
Baritone | Marcus Farnworth
Soprano | Gweneth-Ann Rand
Vocalist | Alice Zawadzki
Violin | Sara Wolstenholme
Cello | Nick Trygstad
Piano/Compere | Hannah Conway
Piano | Libby Burgess
Counter Tenor | Hugh Cutting
Performer | Tanja Bage
Performer | Sara Bowden-Evans
Sound Design | David Sheppard

With guest collaborators from the academic, healthcare, biomedical, technology sectors and those with lived experience of voice loss.

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