Participants | Amit Dolberg, Yael Rasooly

A requiem to the stolen naive world of a child, a concerto for the reclaiming of a woman’s voice and life flame. These are the two chapters making up this visual, theatrical and musical performance that begins in the aftermath of a great violence, and transforms into a force and truth that cannot be silenced.

Creation will involve printed images, masks, puppets made from broken chamber instruments, amplification of instruments and objects.

A collaboration between Yael Rasooly’s distinct signature style of directing, puppeteering and singing, along with Amit Dolberg’s virtuoso classical playing, arrangements and performative presence.

First of all, this project comes from our great interest to finally collaborate together on an original creation, leaning on our mutual classical base and taking off from there.

We think of this residency time as a speed creation, of daring and experimentation, structured improvisation, being open and receptive to what occurs in the moment. We have the dramaturgical base, initial designs and constructions, texts, the musical direction and other pieces of the puzzle. Sound designer Binya Reches, mask and object designer Ran D Kopiler, both active artists internationally, are part of our team and we are very excited to get together and make this happen.

We see this creation as something we will bring to stages all over the world, both in the classical and contemporary music scene that Amit comes from, and the visual – musical theatre scene of Yael. Enhancing each of our mediums and exposing audiences to new forms.

Beyond this, at the heart of the project, the story and themes we want to bring to centre stage, considering our role as artists, to shed a light on what we as individuals or a society prefer to keep in silence. By creating a world that is poetic, abstract, between the dark and humorous, symbolic, absurd- we are able to tap in an unexpected way into subjects and storylines that we must talk about.