Participants | Sam Lee

Old Wow is the third album, reworking the folk song canon, from Sam Lee. It illustrates a deeper intention for Sam to how our heritage songs teach us of our ancient but modern relationship to the natural world, our connections to it, and the past and future.

For decades Sam has worked in to connect nature and conservation through the unique lens of folksong, as a vital means to celebrate and understand it. Nevermore have we needed art to help us broker the issues of what we are losing.

These songs are offered as agents for reconnection and change, to find new lyrical messages that respects their roots yet makes them relevant for a modern time reckoning with a shifting landscape.

With a residency in June 2017 and performance at Festival of New in September 2019, Old Wow is released January 2020.

The midwife to my latest album and creative project was without question the Snape Residency. The 5 short days there provided the sanctuary and nutrients to start what has been one of the most inspiring musical journeys yet, the fruits of which would not have been as healthy and rich anywhere else.

Sam Lee