Participants | Reload

The Book Of Malachi EP is the 2019 comeback EP for UK Rapper / Songwriter Reload.

The concept behind The Book Of Malachi cross references the birth of Reload’s first child Malachi and also the final book of the old testament “Malachi” which symbolises a transition period from old to new.

Plan of Execution

Over the duration of the first week of September 2019, Reload will participate in an artist residency with Snape Maltings which will accumulate in a showcase performance of the entire EP on the evening of September 6 2019. The Aim of the residency is to create The Book Of Malachi from scratch working with a different production team on the first 3 days of the residency and the final two days of the residency focusing on mastering the performance aspect of the EP.

Eventually at least 50% of The Book Of Malachi will consist of live instruments within the tracks with the producer / composer fusing live instruments with electronic production.

Project Themes

The overall themes of the project will be about the past 12 months of life which consists of the everyday struggles of a working class black musician within inner-city London, the birth of my son Malachi, relationship turbulence with his mother, income struggles against a politically charged backdrop, spirituality and falling out of love with music. As many of the themes are quite powerful, each song will be accompanied by some sort of monologue/ poetry which will be included in the intro/outro/bridge dependent of the composition arrangement.