Participants | Supriya Nagarajan, Sarah Waycott, Yanna Zissiadou, Jo Clement, Duncan Chapman

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Festival of New - Full Performance

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Taking their name from the Sanskrit word ‘Prana’, meaning ‘ultimate breath’, and ‘Anasa’, Greek for ‘Breath’, PRANASA aim to do nothing less than breathe music.

Together, Supriya Nagarajan (voice), Sarah Waycott (flute), and Yanna Zissiadou (piano) view their distinctive cultural diversity as a great strength and opportunity.

“We want to create a brand-new sound anchored in texts spoken in our own languages - British, Greek, Indian - and in music. We will explore and manipulate time, phrasing, keys and modes, our own instrumental and vocal techniques, and experiment with light, space, time and speed refraction. We want to find the common places between us yet also borrow from each other’s heritage, creating something that has never been heard before. Using a range of acoustic and electronic instruments, our sound will be recognisable, quirky, surprising, familiar but unknown, soulful, rich, funky, curious, and at all times and in all ways, completely PRANASA!”

PRANASA are joined by poet Jo Clement, an award-winning poet from Newcastle, and Duncan Chapman a Lincolnshire-based composer / musician, whose practice ranges across performance, installation and recording, as well as regular collaborations with Supriya Nagarajan.