Participants | Selena Kay, Cerys Hogg

Festival of New - Residency Film

KOGG is an experimental electronic collaboration between Selena Kay and Cerys Hogg, a fusion of their diverse musical backgrounds and collective interests. Formally trained in classical and jazz disciplines respectively KOGG’s music is a synthesis of composed, improvised and generative elements creating a kaleidoscopic sound world of elastic rhythms and shifting melodies, fabricated with an ear for both the familiar and the unknown.

KOGG’s sonic palette is derived from real and home-made instruments, objects and manipulated vocals. Source sounds include ping pong balls bouncing on drums, train whistles, elastic bands, wax cylinder recordings and trombone. Their material is fed through a variety of transformational processes utilising an array of hardware and software instruments.

Currently completing their debut album, KOGG are excited to bring their music from the studio to the stage offering the listener a multi-textured musical journey which is rhythmically exciting and sonically rich.

Podcast with Des Oliver

After a week-long residency at Snape preparing music for performance, tonight KOGG premier tracks from their soon to be released debut album:

Slow Train to Barking
Doing Things