"The 'Microcosm' work I am creating utilises microscopic visual stimuli, improvised sound design, electro-magnetic frequencies, performance and immersive spatial audio; the objective is to create landscapes that feel alien and foreign for the listener to experience. The project came about through a realisation that I have needed glasses my entire life. Having lived with un-diagnosed far-sightedness for 27 years, I began to question the stimuli that I took for granted. I became fascinated with the idea that there is a world of sound and vision that envelopes us, and although we are a holistic part of, it goes largely un-noticed because its perceptibility exists outside the realm of our somatic and sensory experience.

The video you are watching demonstrates the visual content used for this art piece, processed through a trial programme script I have been generating within Touch Designer. The audio created for the performance does not necessarily reflect the content I wish to create for the 'Microcosm' work, but rather was created to test the improvisational capabilities of the system, and test the audio-reactive nature of the visual script."