For those who prefer to peruse in peace

There are some opportunities to participate remotely with cataloguing items listed in our archive.

  • Requires photographs of exhibits/items being emailed to you at home where you will then allocate a catalogue number and cross reference this with the item. This can be conducted at your leisure but notification of how many hours spent participating would be appreciated.
  • This is a new role which we are hoping to develop to include the cataloguing of photographs and other items which can be scanned and sent to remote volunteers. It will assist greatly the ability for the searching of our collection by external parties and will enhance the links that can be forged with other areas. It will give a much more in depth history of the lives of Britten and Pears.
  • Attention to detail and a focused attitude is required.

For more details about becoming a volunteer, please contact Andrea, our wonderful head of volunteering. We can't wait to meet you.