Curated by The Art Station, Emily Richardson and Britten Pears Arts

For the first time Festival of New presents a revolving programme of short films, featuring a section curated by the artist Emily Richardson and The Art Station. Richardson has selected three artists’ moving image works chosen for their connection to East Anglia. The programme also includes 18 short films made over two years at Snape, each showcasing captivating original work created by artists on Snape Maltings Residencies. The films were projected on a four hour loop throughout the Festival of New weekend.

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Phil Coy, 2008. 35 minutes

Phil Coy’s Wordland is reminder of the fragile nature of our shifting coastline and the devastating effects of flooding in North Norfolk. Filmed in and around the villages of Walcott and Cley next the Sea, combining documentary, archive and techniques of structural film practices the film presents playful juxtapositions of processes and imagery to produce a romantic portrait of loss. With a specially commissioned sound score by Alexander Tucker.

Thomas Nashe, Lenten Stuff
Anna Brass, 2019. 14 minutes

Anna Brass’ Thomas Nashe Lenten Stuff imagines the Elizabethan playwright’s experience of fleeing to Great Yarmouth following outrage at his ‘lewd’ play The Isle of Dogs. Borrowing various motifs from Elizabethan theatre, creating hand made costumes and working with a layered response to Nashe’s text the film is rich in art historical and literary reference made with the lightest touch.

House Works: 3 Church Walk, Beach House, Spender House
Emily Richardson, 2020. 37 minutes

Emily Richardson’s House Works is trilogy of films about three modernist homes in East Anglia: H.T. ‘Jim’ and Betty Cadbury-Brown’s 3 Church Walk, Aldeburgh, Suffolk (1962) John Penn’s Beach House, Shingle Street, Suffolk (1969) and Richard and Su Rogers’ Spender House and Studio, near Maldon, Essex (1968). The stories of each house embedded in the surfaces, objects and materials found within the domestic interior are reactivated and the films express aspects of the potential stories held within these spaces lost to architectural history.

Art Station Film is a monthly screening of artists’ moving image at The Art Station, Saxmundham programmed by Emily Richardson. The Art Station is a charitable arts organisation developing and supporting the creative industries in Saxmundham and East Suffolk. Housed in a large 1950s former telephone exchange in Saxmundham they offer artists studios, co-working space, a programme of exhibitions and a dynamic Art and Learning Programme for the local community. Britten Pears Arts and Art Station have recently joined forces to create a new residency opportunity for artists.

Explore the Snape Residency Films

filmmaker: John Fensom
duration: 14 minutes 11 seconds
Snape Residency date: 7-12/8/2020
SONNEN are an experimental electro-acoustic duo with Max Baillie on Viola and percussion and Vahakn Matossian on electronics.

Thick & Tight
filmmaker: John Fensom
duration: 3 minutes 30 seconds
Snape Residency date: 7-12/8/2020
Dance duo explore how Japanese art forms Noh and Kyogen can be incorporated into their own work, and where their practices overlap and diverge.

BEAM: Opening scene
filmmaker: Matt Jolly
duration: 7 minutes 24 seconds
Snape Residency date: 14-16/6/2021
The opening scene of music theatre piece based on the life story of opera singer Nadine Benjamin, using performance to highlight the many ways that trauma affects a life.

Emily Levy: Songs of Belonging
filmmaker: Liv Penny
duration: 5 minutes 50 seconds
Snape Residency date: 9-13/8/2021
Exploration of the themes of ‘home’ and ‘identity’. How do we fit in? How do we find a common language in contrasting lives?

Festival of New 2021
filmmakers: Matt Jolly & John Fensom
duration: 35 minutes 33 seconds
Snape Residency date: 6-13/9/2021
Performances, sharing and experiences from Festival of New 2021.

Faye MacCalman: Invisible Real
filmmaker: Liv Penny
duration: 5 minutes 20 seconds
Snape Residency date: 11-16/10/21
A multimedia installation called 'Invisible, Real' inspired by real life anonymous experiences of mental illness.

Join the Din: Change!
filmmaker: Liv Penny
duration: 5 minutes 52 seconds
Snape Residency date: 15-20/10/2021
A fusion of original jazz and contemporary dance in an exploration of the human condition.

Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno
filmmaker: Liv Penny
duration: 4 minutes 33 seconds
Snape Residency date: 7-12/2/2022
Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno plays the Nyatiti, a traditional eight-string lyre from the shores of Kenya’s Nam Lolwe (Lake Victoria).

t l k
filmmaker: Liv Penny
duration: 3 minutes 43 seconds
Snape Residency date: 14-18/3/2022
Capturing t l k’s residency, where Tara’s inner dialogues were expanded and recontextualised through sonic interactions with space and place.

Moina Moin
filmmaker: Liv Penny
duration: 3 minutes one second
Snape Residency date: 21-26/3/2022
Audiovisual work - colourful mayhem with a nostalgic twist and a quiet lonesome humour. The surreal celebration of everyday oddities with a slow motion, uncomfortable clumsiness.

Untold Interview
filmmaker: John Fensom
duration: 3 minutes 53 seconds
Snape Residency date: 21-26/3/2022
An (anti-)opera exploring transnational Chinese identities, created by composer Alex Ho and creative director Julia Cheng.

Hannabiell Sanders & Midnight Blue Collective
filmmaker: Matt Jolly
duration: 7 minutes 7 seconds
Snape Residency date: 11-15/4/2022
An exhilarating fusion of Afro-Caribbean and Latin percussion, Jazz, Afro-beat, Funk and Reggae.

Suite, a portrait of the collaboration between Lawrence Dunn and Explore Ensemble
filmmaker: Rebecca Salvadori
duration: 9 minutes 31 seconds
Snape Residency date: 25-29/4/2022
The first of a three-part portrait series by Rebecca Salvadori documenting acclaimed composers: Lawrence Dunn, Angharad Davies and Mark Fell. Shot on location at Snape Maltings.

BULLYACHE: a fragment of Tom
filmmaker: Rebecca Salvadori
duration: 7 minutes 20 seconds
Snape Residency date: 16-21/5/2022
Bullyache commission Rebecca Salvadori to capture work-in-progress during residency time at Britten Pears Arts developing the production ‘TOM’.

Maddie Ashman: Through the Motions
director: Clemente Lohr
duration: 14 minutes 2 seconds
BPYAP 2021/22 cohort
Maddie Ashman creates a space where one can reconnect with our instinctive human connection to nature, in a society where our senses are overwhelmed by human invention and technology.

Anna-Helena McClean
filmmaker: Liv Penny
duration: 5 minutes 19 seconds
Snape Residency date 4-9/7/2022
A coach is conducting a voice lesson via a projected video call when a song dating 1450 BC instigates a breakthrough in her student and subsequent realisation about their identity.

Frazer Merrick
filmmaker: John Fensom
duration: 4 minutes 48 seconds
Snape Residency date: 18-23/7/2022
Exploring the development of the Photon Smasher, a range of instruments which turn light into sound.

'Lutra' by Sid Goldsmith, Holly Harman, Nina Harries & James Patrick Gavin
filmmaker: Martha Treves
duration: 9 minutes 39 seconds
Snape Residency date: 18-23/7/2022
The artists explore the relationship that music had in their lives during lockdown, and how to use it as a chance to recover their creative confidence.