An atmospheric journey through exquisite sacred and secular vocal-consort works by the group’s namesake, the 17th-century Italian composer Carlo Gesualdo.

The Gesualdo Six
Owain Park director

In te Domine speravi (3')
Peccantem me quotidie (4')
Tenebrae Responsories (i. Tristis est anima mea; ii. Tenebrae factae sunt; iii. O vos omnes) (12')
Illumina faciem (3')
Gesualdo (completed by Stravinsky):
Da pacem Domine (2')
The early madrigals, 1594-6 (i. Felice primavera; ii. Sento che nel partire; iii. Sospirava il mio core; iv. Donna, se m’ancidete) (12')
Later madrigals, 1611 (v. O tenebroso giorno; v. Asciugate i begli occhi; vi. Ancide sol la morte; vi. Moro lasso) (13')

The award-winning ensemble includes some of the UK’s finest consort singers, and here presents a programme of exquisite vocal works.

Taking inspiration from the darkness and shadows of Holy Week’s Tenebrae services, the first half of the programme explores a selection of his atmospheric sacred music. In the second half, the ensemble traces Gesualdo's compositional journey through his books of secular madrigals.

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