A dramatic Easter Sunday performance of St Matthew Passion sung entirely from memory, bringing Bach’s monumental masterpiece up-close and personal.

Doing away with vocal scores and conductors, the singers and instrumentalists of Solomon's Knot present a captivating new performance of one of the greatest masterpieces of baroque sacred music.

This special performance was developed during a residency at Britten Pears Arts, exploring the dramaturgy of SMP with director John La Bouchardiere.

Solomon's Knot are an international, flexible collective of unconducted instrumentalists and singers bringing old music to new life by pushing the limits of what is possible on stage. Taking inspiration from innovative live theatre, the singers sing everything by heart, and combine scrupulous musical preparation with high-wire risk-taking and intense, direct delivery.

Book your place on our St Matthew Passion Study Morning: a compelling exploration led by Dr Lucy Walker and Joseph McHardy, on Saturday at 10am.

St Matthew Passion, BWV 244
The story of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ can hardly be more intense than [through the telling] of this remarkable collective

Leipziger Volkszeitung

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