"We are looking forward to having some dedicated time and space to concentrate on making a body of new work, focused on working with traditional music forms but still pushing this forward through modern thinking and contemporary music practices. We expect the environment of the residency will invigorate our practice in new and exciting ways."

Snape Residencies provide time and space for creators at all stages of their careers; a supportive environment to create, be curious, and try out new ideas. Open Sessions offer a unique chance to go behind-the-scenes and experience work-in-progress created during the Residency.

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Supporters contributing towards Residencies include:
Genesis Kickstart Fund and PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund.

About Stick in the Wheel

Radical East London duo Stick In The Wheel are known for their intense live shows exploring the raw holler of folk, synths, spoken word and intricate psychedelic guitar fuzz. Nicola Kearey and Ian Carter present full-force reworkings of centuries-old work-songs with fragments of ancient texts that speak to contemporary issues of class - an inherently political act.

Their relentless approach to questioning traditional music forms is matched only by the energy with which they play it. Full of hope and resistance, they continue to push forward contemporary roots music, whilst celebrating music from our collective histories - conjuring the past to point toward the future.

“Stick In The Wheel grab hold of folk music with both hands, dragging it through the 21st century city with no fear they might somehow break it.”

“The most important band in the current British folk scene”

“Powerful - and deeply relatable”

“Live, Stick In The Wheel are a diamond-hard machine”

“A remarkable voyage through a thousand years of London culture”

“That voice is just unmistakable - one of the hardest working bands on the folk circuit”

Header photo credit Orlando Gili.

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