A unique chance to go behind the scenes and experience work-in-progress from these highly collaborative artists.

“This is when we lost control, in the middle of the game. You asked, how do you carry on after all of this? And how long until the flesh and nerves forget and you decide to let go? Centre stage, everyone watching. You looked cute when you crumbled.”

Across a week-long residency, Liza Bec and Elischa Kaminer have been exploring personal and collective narratives of control and care through improvisation, composing and choreography.

Creative Health Residencies provide time and space for creators at all stages of their careers; a supportive environment to create, be curious, and try out new ideas. Open Sessions offer a unique chance to go behind the scenes and experience work-in-progress created during the Residency.

About the artists
Liza Bec and Elischa Kaminer share a highly collaborative, intimate and experimentation-driven approach to making music. Liza composes for, performs on and builds cyborg instruments. Trained as a classical musician, geologist and doctor, Liza radically changed their approach to performance after developing music triggered epilepsy. Free improvisation, and their invention of a cyborg recorder inspired them to explore concepts of consciousness and control through technology, custom electronics and audio-visual narratives.

Elischa is a composer, theatre-maker and performer of electronic, concert, queer-pop and Yiddish music. His series Resurrection Games explores collective modes of playing, recreating the concert hall as a hybrid space of violently ritualistic and improvisational interventions and a nurturing, utopian space of care work.

Elischa Kaminer, photograph by Maria Poursanidou

About Creative Health Residencies
Creative Health Residencies are cross-sector residencies grounded in research, combining theory and practice. They allow artists, researchers and other practitioners to work collaboratively and delve more deeply into questions about music’s place, purpose and function in the world.

We believe in an ethos of co-production, enabling collaboration with experts and those with lived experience from the very early stages of a project. We would like to see experimentation around different ways of co-creating work with participants.

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