Join us for a new adaptation of John Gay's The Beggar's Opera, by the children's opera company, Jubilee Opera.

Peachum, a thief catcher, furious that his daughter Polly has married the famous highwayman, Macheath, arranges for him to be imprisoned at Newgate Prison, run by the corrupt Lockit. Macheath enlists the help of Lockit's daughter Lucy to escape, but his plan is complicated when Polly tries to save him. However, before Macheath is to be hanged, the Beggar (who narrates the opera) is persuaded by the Player to provide a happier ending.

The Beggar's Opera is a ballad opera first performed in London in 1728. The work combines comedy and political satire in prose interspersed with songs set to traditional English, Irish, Scottish and French tunes.

Jubilee Opera was formed in 1987 as a result of a production of Britten’s Noye’s Fludde in Aldeburgh Church, the first time it had been performed there. Such was the enthusiasm in the local community that it was decided to start an opera company for young aspiring performers to work with professionals on productions of the highest possible quality and standard.

For a quarter of a Century Jubilee Opera has been lifting the standards of children’s opera in Britain to standards that match anything in Europe

Roderick Dunnett (Music & Vision)

John Andrews conductor

Rob Gildon The Beggar/Peachum
Samuel Oram Macheath
Poppy Young Mrs Peachum
Sophie-May Anderson Polly
Angela Tait Lucy
Malachy King Lockit
Joe Tye Filch

Members of Jubilee Opera Macheath’s Gang & Ladies of the Town
Jubilee Opera

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