What would you ask a little fox if you met one outside your front door? Join us for the musical version of the much-loved modern classic, narrated by the author with beautiful live illustrations.

One day a little fox appeared outside Zeb's home. It was magical to meet a wild animal in the middle of the city. It visited every night after that and everyone agreed it was the handsomest fox in London. Zeb started to write about its adventures and now people all over the world send messages to Gaspard...

Meet your favourite fox from the Gaspard the Fox books in a musical version of the first two Gaspard the Fox stories, 'Gaspard the Fox' and 'Gaspard Best In Show', narrated live by the author and Classic FM broadcaster Zeb Soanes, with an intriguing soundtrack by Chris Warner, and brought to life by James Mayhew’s glorious colourful illustrations projected live onto the venue walls.

Gaspard already has the feel of a classic... modern and timeless... with charm and atmosphere.

Alexander Armstrong, Classic FM

Copies of the books will be on sale and being signed after the show.

Zeb Soanes author & narrator
James Mayhew
Chris Warner
composer & multi-instrumentalist

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