Brilliant and highly contrasting orchestral works from close friends Bach and Telemann.

In their lifetimes, Telemann was the more famous composer, but over the centuries Bach's genius has been fully recognised and Telemann has become slightly overlooked. Bach's concertos seamlessly assimilate Italian, French and German styles, despite never travelling far from home. Telemann travelled further afield and his love of different national styles is heard more directly as he vividly evokes grand French courtly dances and vivacious Polish folk music.

Laurence Cummings director/harpsichord

Brandenburg Concertos No.4 & No.5
Concerto for Flute and Recorder; Overture-suite “Burlesque de Quixotte”
If this was water music, it was alive with glints of sunlight and recorder off the waves, the undercurrent of a jolly bassoon, the fresh breeze of two wonderful woody oboes

The New York Times

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