Join us for an open session exploring the relationship that music had on the lives of four individual musicians.

The project came about during the lockdown, with all members dealing with the fall out of cancellations of huge tours and concerts. They started talking about forming a new group, exploring the relationship that music had in their lives, and using it as a chance to recover their creative confidence.

Each member specialises in different genres and wanted to explore the meeting point, utilising our knowledge of traditional music, classical, contemporary composition, and songwriting to create entirely new work as an ensemble.

Advance booking for members begins on Tuesday 17 May and runs until Sunday 5 June. Find out how you can support our work by becoming a member, and enjoy priority booking.

Priority Booking for members:
Chairman's Circle: from Tuesday 17 May, Sky Members: from Thursday 19 May, Reed Members: from Saturday 21 May, Marsh Members: from Monday 23 May 2022, Water Members: from Wednesday 25 May 2022, Friends and Young Friends: from Friday 27 May 2022, Introductory Members: from Thursday 2 June 2022.

General booking opens Monday 6 June.

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