‘The thought process behind this residency is to explore the story telling aspect of rap music with a fusion of Orchestral composition, electronic music, and acoustic folk. The theme and direction of the residency is entitled “Father/Hood”. As a young black father (my children are 3 & 1) living in an inner-city neighbourhood, “Father/Hood” will explore themes such poverty, adultification, Special Educational Needs (My oldest son has autism), Hope and Aspirational via collaborative efforts with live musicians and electronic producers.

In 2019 I started the journey with Britten Pears Arts’ Festival of New residency and created an EP called “The Book Of Malachi”, in 2023 I aim to utilize this residency to complete an EP called “The Book of Leo” as well as explore how being an educator works in tandem with being a musician.’ - Reload.

Our enquiries are cross-sector residencies grounded in research, combining theory and practice. They allow artists, researchers and other practitioners to work collaboratively and delve more deeply into questions about music’s place, purpose and function in the world.

We believe in an ethos of co-production, enabling collaboration with experts and those with lived experience from the very early stages of a project. We would like to see experimentation around different ways of co-creating work with participants.

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About Reload

Hailing from Wolverhampton, Reload is an award-winning Musician, Lyricist and Writer. Having spent the best part of his professional career as a social commentator and storyteller, Reload has managed to amalgamate his passion for rap music with a unique and rich vein of literature.

Having performed at some of the biggest festivals across Europe and being championed by key tastemakers from Radio 1, Capital Xtra and Apple Radio, Reload’s vivid wordplay and ear catching hooks have made him one of the West Midlands best known secrets.

Although music makes up the majority of Reload’s creative expression, he is also a well-versed poet, playwright, novelist, and Educator that has had his work showcased at some of the biggest institutions and galleries in the country.

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